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I suggest TPP without U.S.


I suggest TPP without U.S.

It is said that the issue is the custom duty, but the worth of goods is not only a price. We do not want to eat dangerous rice from foreign country every day even if it is cheaper. Destroying the original scenery of the farm village by TPP is no thank you. Japanese rice is number one delicious and safe in the world.

“The most expensive rice in the world” is fine for us. Please make more profit grandfather of a farmhouse!

If it is allowed to buy a foreigner land freely, Jews will enter our land and they will get where is related to resources such as they did in Iraq. The Judea financial capital will hunt for the land of the whereabouts of the Japanese natural resources (methane hydrate etc.) which only they know.

If fishing right is taken, the third country where cost is cheaper than a Japanese fishing boat will be employed, a fishing fleet will overhunt, and marine resources will be destroyed. In addition,  poor treatment of a fish lead to quality down. Delicious and fresh fish never be able to shop at supermarket. The fishing port of every place is exhausted. In the seashore, there is a group of fishery ship and old fisherman gaze at ocean.

If foreign capital such as Bechtel will participate in public works, they might plant nuclear weapons. Furthermore, since they do not have enough earthquake-proof, will build dangerous buildings. In the earthquake country, only the precise, sincere, and intellectual Japanese could make building. The highway that is built by foreign company is cut corners, and it will have some cracks within half year. You know the “tatter” highway in foreign country.

GM food which is forced by Wall street Jew is inexcusable and improper.  We do not accept indisputably.

Does the export of U.S. increase if custom duty made zero percent within ten years? It does not increase. It does not increase at all. We do not need a car which is required four times oil supply per day, and will break once for three days such as Hummer even if it is free. Well, if the U.S. main product such as corn and wheat are same as free, we may merely buy them for livestock, but in the agricultural field, it is unfair that a tariff of rice is going to be zero.

It is dishonest and greedy.

To change of rules, we need approval from the U.S. Congress. That is like putting the cart before the horse. It does not need to even think about if U.S. initiative is required. U.S. is a finished country. Do not interfere other country, just be honest and make a poor living about 200 years paying the debt.

My conclusion: Let's remove the U.S.A. from the group and begin new TPP negotiation.




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